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How Fast Should My Backswing Be?

How fast should it be? Are there any guidelines for backswing speed? Obviously, the backswing does not impact club head speed through the golf ball. Or, does it? Watching some of the best in the sport, you see backswings for the pros vary from the quick paced Bobby Herschel to the slower, more rhythmic Ernie Els. Which one is right for you? First, remember that it is a golf SWING and the keys to a good swing include tempo and rhythm. Coiling up the muscles in the torso and upper legs can be done very slowly. It’s important that you go slow enough to feel the “rubber band” being stretched, but not so slow that you begin to tighten up as you go back.

“If to this we add a sense of balance, a sense of unhurried calm, a feeling that there is lots of time to feel each movement blending into the others, we will begin to feel the true golf rhythm.” ~Percy Boomer

Second, experiment going fast, slow, and intermediate counting each time as you take the club back to the top. For the fast swings count to one, for intermediate swings count to two, and for slow swings, count to three. Which feels better to you? Which tempo enables your swing to have a comfortable rhythm and for you to keep your balance? The key is to consistently swing your swing with tempo, rhythm, and balance that feels right for you. Like life, there’s no need to hurry to the top.

“For me confidence in the swing is built on the feeling of the circle as it is revolving around the spine with the hands forming the inner circle and the club head forming the outer circle. Implementation involves…setting the circle to the ground, aiming the circle, supporting the circle, empowering the circle, and finally trusting the circle.” ~Wally Armstrong, Lifetime PGA Member

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