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Play-a-Round Golf

610-725-9155 MALVERN
245 Lancaster Ave., Malvern, PA 19355
In the Lincoln Court Shopping Center

610-228-2814 NOW IN ARDMORE!
56 Greenfield Ave., Ardmore, PA 19003
In the Ardmore Plaza Shopping Center


How does this work?

Play-a-Round Golf rents golf simulator technology by the hour or partial hour. Costs for the time can be shared by the participants.


What technology do you use?

Each of our simulators utilizes aboutGolf® PGA TOUR Simulators. The simulators use high-speed cameras to see the ball and track its flight. This is the same technology endorsed by the PGA TOUR and used by golf professionals on air by the Golf Channel.


How many simulators do you have?

Play-a-Round Golf centers have a varying number of simulators. Currently, Malvern has seven simulators and our new Ardmore center has nine simulators. Each simulator is identical.


What is your policy regarding alcoholic beverages?
Liquor is not permitted in Play-a-Round Golf centers. However, if you are of legal age (21) you may bring/consume beer and/or wine on the premisesPlay-a-Round Golf reserves the right to determine whether the golfers are able to safely operate the simulators within the Clubhouse Rules.


What is your policy regarding outside food?
You may bring food with you or order from one of the many food establishments in the area. Just ask one of our staff for local menus.


Do you putt on the simulators?

Play-a-Round Golf utilizes state-of-the-art technology from aboutGolf® that enables golfers to play real golf using all of the clubs in their bag, even putters. The sensitivity of the system enables you to take short putts without having to hit the screen.


What if I don't have clubs?

Rental clubs are available for a small fee per bag, per session.


Can using a simulator actually improve my outdoor game?

Yes!  The simulators at Play-a-Round Golf can actually improve your game because they enable you to:

View Shot Feedback. These state-of-the-art simulators detect and report club data, including club head path and speed, as well as ball data, including ball speed, horizontal and vertical launch angles, and spin (side and back). 

Mimic Course Conditions. Our simulators enable you to focus your practice on the areas of your game that need the most help, e.g., forced carries to a tight green. You can also practice your game in a variety of weather conditions without affecting others.

Track Your Progress on the Driving Range by reviewing each shot through your own password-protected Internet account and comparing it with others. For example, by comparing your 7-iron shots over the last six months you can actually see how much you have improved by club. 


What should I wear?

Comfortable attire! Be sure to have non-slip shoes, which can include cross-training or walking shoes, or golf shoes with soft spikes. We ask that you NOT bring metal spikes. Also, remember that we strive to maintain a comfortable 68 to 72 degrees, i.e., sweatshirts or long sleeves might be too warm.


What if I have never played golf before?

A primary advantage of Play-a-Round Golf is that new players can easily learn golf without the intimidations that may be experienced outdoors. Our purpose is to provide an enjoyable year-round environment for ANYONE who wants to play. In addition, our instructors can help ensure beginners learn the correct way right from the start.


Do you accommodate private parties?

Yes. In addition to corporate events and business meetings, Play-a-Round Golf's centers are available for private parties such as for birthdays, graduations, bachelor parties, anniversaries, social clubs, etc.


May I rent out the entire facility?
Yes! We've helped many companies, churches, schools, organizations, and families hold fun meetings and parties. We'll do our best to work around the reservations we've already taken to book the date/time you want. Check out the Events pages for more information and give us a call to help you plan your next event. 


What if I have to cancel my tee time?

All sales are final, but individual tee times may be rescheduled if you notify us at least 4 hours prior to the booked starting time. Group tee times (reservations of over 4 hours) require a credit card to secure, but also may be rescheduled if you notify us at least 24 hours prior to the booked starting time.


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610-725-9155 MALVERN

245 Lancaster Ave., Malvern, PA 19355
In the Lincoln Court Shopping Center 

610-228-2814 ARDMORE
56 Greenfield Ave., Ardmore, PA 19003
In the Ardmore Plaza Shopping Center.